Making Sense of Present Day Marketing

Understanding marketing can be challenging

Understanding marketing can be challenging

The biggest challenge while designing for marketing today is understanding the extremely complex system of present day marketing practices. There are a lot of courses online that can teach you the what and how of marketing, but empathising with the entire marketing process and the marketers takes much more than that.

It was my first week of my Degree Project at Adobe, Noida. I was extremely excited about my project titled “The Future of Marketing”. I set a few milestones for myself, first of which was to get a good understanding of the marketing process and the what, why, who, when, where and how of marketing.


Start by asking

How to set up a Marketing Campaign

The first step

But starting with the question “What is marketing” will lead you nowhere. After a lot of wandering around and talking to my mentor at Adobe Design, I realised “How to Set Up a Marketing Campaign” is the right question to begin with

I had a plan, I started out very confidently and did everything everyone suggested studying about marketing, various roles in marketing, even their qualifications, how decisions are made, how campaigns are set up etc. But i could still not relate to a lot of the information i thought i understood, something was still missing. I realised i will not understand marketing till i try building a marketing campaign myself.

So i started working on a hypothetical marketing campaign for one of my favourite brands. I was trying to figure out how would my favourite brand try to market a new product to me. If i was the CEO of the brand what would i have done?

Try setting up a campaign for your favourite brand

How would your favourite brand market a new product to you

The exercise helped me gain lot of clarity on the marketing process and empathise with the marketing personas in a brand marketing team. All the studies i did on marketing just started making sense. Making the exercise personal by trying to come up with a campaign for a brand I like made it easy for me to relate to the things i was doing as i knew the brand very well, and knew why people like their products.