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The Future of Marketing

My ongoing Degree project in Interaction Design at Adobe.

How can the emerging technologies help with the limitations and problem areas in present day Marketing practices? What will the future of Marketing look like?

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Car Owner’s App

User Experience to enhance a customer’s car owning experience, help the brand serve the customer better and keep the customer updated with information about their car

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A street level VR intervention in the city of Bangalore to promote local tourism in the city and an introduction of VR to the masses in India


Fashion Discovery Experience

User Experience for identifying and purchasing garments and accessories that the user comes across in his/her fashion discovery journey using a smartphone


Omnichannel Shopping Experience

A seamless "FEEL BROWSE & BUY" experience for furniture brands, embracing the millennial culture, using emerging technologies


Exhibition Experience

An Interactive display to exhibit graduation project work done by students from various disciplines at NID. To be placed at the Convocation event.


Do all the mothers struggle with smartphones?

A study of smartphone usage among 30 to 60 year old women, study inspired by my own mother. How does the present day UI fare for them?